Thursday, May 11, 2006

sick as hell

jaymz here, writing from munich. sick as hell for the last 3 days. really. not to gross you out, but i've been hocking up tapeworms the size of bockwurst. been making my way through the last 3 gigs as best as i can, with the help of a little of beatallibangers at various stops....

the hamburg gig was insane--it's on the reeperbahn, for god's sake! it was good to run into some folks from last year too. all i could eat that nite was a small bowl of soup and i really just chilled away from the smoke and the ladies of the nite....

bielefeld was the surprise gig of the tour so far. it was really a nice show. the staff there was amazing, with great grub, and very helpful. and the attendees were really supportive. somehow, i got through that one. divine intervention, i think. i had taken an antihistamine the nite before and that usually screws me for about 14 hours. i would say it was the toughest gig i've ever done with beatallica. thanks to the folks there for pushing me to do 2 encores!

tonite was munich. and, in our minds, it is becoming our home away from u.s. home (chicago being the states home away from home....) we had folks there from last time, in beat-gear, and ready to go. some came from about 45o km to check it out. oh, and the food was killer too. i didn't sing as well as the nite before, but the vibe was just crazy. i ran with it and pushed through another 2 encores. only bad thing is that someone fucking macked kliff's wah pedal--fucker.... and, my brew crew hat was swiped too. thanks to security for doing their job and turning the other way as people were trying to come on stage.... hmmmmmm......

tomorrow is back to austria so it's an early rising. off to bed and try to sleep off this crazy pill in my system. hopefully the fluid in my ears will break so i can actually hear the monitors! would be nice....until later,....jaymz

Monday, May 08, 2006

jaymz writes from hamburg on an off day...finally!

hi everyone. well, it's been a long time coming, but we finally have a bit of an off day. no gigs today, though we did travel to hamburg. we play there tomorrow and are looking forward to another good show here, like last year.

we did have an off day last week, at least from gigging. we ended up going to nurnburg to visit a german band called j.b.o. they have done emmensly well here for nearly 15 years. we stopped by to meet them, check out their recording studio, and mess around with one of their tunes, famous over here. do a yahoo or google search on them and see what is up. they are different from us, that is for sure. but their hospitality was certainly welcome and we hope to be in touch with them before too long.

so where do we go from here...? how 'bout last week's shows in frankfurt and stuttgart. both were packed, thanks to many friends we've gained in the last year. we did play a new tune at these gigs....ktulu (he's so heavy).

the shows in austria and switzerland were very different from the shows in germany. we went from cities to the rural areas and alpine regions. the show in dortmund was seriously in the mountains and the club was right on a stream, surrounded by woods. we felt like we were at home near a place right on lake michigan called 7 bridges. but hey, if Therapy? can gig there, then so can we!

the drives from now on will be long as we are currently in northern germany but will head back south into austria again for the Wiesen festival. i can see an early bedtime tonite....

my voice has been keeping up quite well, all considered. but i did come down with a cold just before leipzig and i have the usual headache/sore throat/snotty stuff. hope to grind this last week out.

speaking of leipzig, we taped the show and will look at it for a future webposting. also, the inevitable finally happened. we were presented with Beatallibeer by some new friends. they actually brought their own beer to the gig and had Beatallica labels on it. of course, we didn't drink it all. we had to save some for posterity... the building where the gig was reminded me a bit of a club in milwaukee called the Unicorn. very dark and cavernous. a lot of eerie corridors. but a very cool place.

alright then. i will get back to you all soon. though i am a bit spent, i think a short trip to the Rieperbahn in hamburg is something i just can't pass up. talk to ya soon!


Saturday, April 29, 2006

First transmission from Jaymz

hey kids, jaymz here. writing from cologne germany. getting ready to leave for dortmund and wanted to post some items from the first 3 shows...

london-camden town was really fantastic. lissa brayley, the promoter and host was super cool. we had the chance to experience u.k. town life by staying at a relative's home. very nice house with a nice garden. good indian food that nite too!

camden town was fun, hung out in the market area and pub (of course). before the show, we got to hook up with several interviewers and friends we met through the site. always good to be able to do that. also, our friend lori from the states shared her vacation time with us. thanks, copper!

the show itself was a good one. we played the new tune that is still a work in progress in some ways too. the place was pretty much sold out. afterwards, we spent time with the crew from the club and got very little sleep. besides the fact that we had been up for about 36 hours the day and a half before....yikes!

hated to leave, but it was off to amsterdam. the people at british airways were a gem and helped us get our stuff together. now here's where it gets interesting....

the tunisons, from milwaukee, have a hand in running the club. check out die kruezen for more history and rock. what a treat to be among acquaintences, great grub, and a fun atmosphere along the canal!

krk had a bit of a rough time, however. there was a fog machine that went a bit haywire, started spitting out oil instead of fog, and the whole stage floor was covered in oil during our show. i forget the tune, but he slipped and bashed his lip open on kliff's headstock during a tune. off to the hospital after the show. but it is amazing what can be done with a little bit of hot sauce and duct tape, and krk was back with us just in time to get to sleep.

the attendance there was solid as well. some girl wanted my suit. but hell, she wasn't gonna give me her dress, so no dice!

kliff and i spent the morning cruising around the downtown area, checking out the canal scene, getting grub, and taking pics. very cool part of the world, indeed!

now it was off to cologne. we had heard it was a metal sort of area so we had high hopes. we were not disappointed. the crowd there was not as big as london cuz the club was not as big. but the rowdiness was peaking. they sure showed their salt last nite! the place was pretty much sold out again and the club owner said he wants us there every 2 months. it's not so far from milwaukee, is it.....

luckily, i found a computer to hop on and have been having at it for about 2 hours, answering mail, blogging, checking out hockey scores on the internet. seeing posts from folks at camden and amsterdam is really nice and we appreciate the bangers from the bottom of our metal hearts! we're in germany so i had to throw in the accept reference....

in the coming days, we will be hitting dortmund and frankfurt. hope to see more fun there, without the fire alarm waking me up this morning, please....! dude, what's next...someone driving their cycle up a flight of steps like in animal house!

ok, kids. maybe we'll see you at a gig. rock on and talk soon.


Sunday, April 23, 2006