Thursday, May 11, 2006

sick as hell

jaymz here, writing from munich. sick as hell for the last 3 days. really. not to gross you out, but i've been hocking up tapeworms the size of bockwurst. been making my way through the last 3 gigs as best as i can, with the help of a little of beatallibangers at various stops....

the hamburg gig was insane--it's on the reeperbahn, for god's sake! it was good to run into some folks from last year too. all i could eat that nite was a small bowl of soup and i really just chilled away from the smoke and the ladies of the nite....

bielefeld was the surprise gig of the tour so far. it was really a nice show. the staff there was amazing, with great grub, and very helpful. and the attendees were really supportive. somehow, i got through that one. divine intervention, i think. i had taken an antihistamine the nite before and that usually screws me for about 14 hours. i would say it was the toughest gig i've ever done with beatallica. thanks to the folks there for pushing me to do 2 encores!

tonite was munich. and, in our minds, it is becoming our home away from u.s. home (chicago being the states home away from home....) we had folks there from last time, in beat-gear, and ready to go. some came from about 45o km to check it out. oh, and the food was killer too. i didn't sing as well as the nite before, but the vibe was just crazy. i ran with it and pushed through another 2 encores. only bad thing is that someone fucking macked kliff's wah pedal--fucker.... and, my brew crew hat was swiped too. thanks to security for doing their job and turning the other way as people were trying to come on stage.... hmmmmmm......

tomorrow is back to austria so it's an early rising. off to bed and try to sleep off this crazy pill in my system. hopefully the fluid in my ears will break so i can actually hear the monitors! would be nice....until later,....jaymz


Anonymous Sterereo said...

Hi, here is one of the torturer from bielefeld. really gread gig, indeed. Just wanted to mention my review on . Maybe you find someone in austria who is able to read german. :D
good luck for the further gigs and enjoy europe.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell is sick

6:15 AM  

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